How to use dstv remote

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how to use dstv remote

It is the little changes that will make the biggest changes. Thanks for sharing! Hello there, I'll explain this - the same thing - in three ways so you can understand. My remote control does not do a thing on TV. See if you could borrow another gotv remote for testing and try using your remote on another decode too so you know if the problem is with the remote of the decoder.

If the remote is the problem, try to repair by following the steps above or go for my recommended option - new gotv remote. The GOtv decoder won't let you use it in that manner. You can only charge your phone using the USB port; or use the 5V for any other purpose. I did my payment for the gotv supsription.

Please help. When I press my gotv remote the tv1 and tv2 button s blinks green but it does nothing on TV. Do the two green lights blink at the same time?

There are a number of factors involved. Please see the article on What to do if GOtv remote is not working. You'll find the necessary steps to follow to fix your GOtv remote. How can I change the default startup channel? There's an way to customize my own startup channel? Every time I switch on the decoder, the first thing I see is the worst channel available on my subscription package.

Hello Singelo, I understand your question. There is no way to set the default gotv startup channels but you could try this suggestion: When you put on the decoder, while it's loading, use the power button to put it off and then put it back on. The scanning will be aborted and will begin with the last channel. The only disadvantage here is that it may take some time for all the channels to come up.

That's bad.

Where to Buy Dstv Remote Control

Please see the article on how to fix gotv remote issues. How do I remove fist time installation scanning on my decoder. Please don't remove first time installation scanning.

Allow the process so your channels and software can be updated. Thanks for the info bro. Please how can one turn the antenna for a better signal without turning it manually?Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register.

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how to use dstv remote

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Thread starter DJ Start date Oct 7, Joined Jan 24, Messages 70, I've had no luck with the awful DSTV forum that seems to have lost my registration so hopefully someone here can help me out. Not so much as it turns out. What exactly do I have to do to get this remote working? I'm using a remote extender and am not using the universal function at all, so I was under the impression that I didn't require any codes of any sort Joined Mar 12, Messages Leave it on the code your old remote was set on.

Then unplug the decoder from the power source, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Joined Feb 24, Messages 5, Dam I found a PDF a while back on how to program your DSTV remotes to work with different decoders,it is in the same place where you download the manuals for Xtra-view extra. Will see if I can find it again you basically just punch numbers into your remote and it programs it too what you want it to be e. Thanks web. I tried to use the standby-button option to programme TV2 but it just doesn't flash to programmable mode Didn't realise it was actually the shift button instead.

I've programmed it now - will test it out and let you know a little later. Thank you You must log in or register to reply here. Subscribe to our daily newsletter.I could recall getting about four remote for my DSTV explora when mine got damaged severally at Ikeja, Lagos and all were fake.

With over 7. If you are one of such DSTV customers who has lost your remote control or damaged it mistakenly and would need a replacement, I would use this write-up to show you how to get a replacement for your DSTV remote control in Nigeria.

How to fix a DSTV Explora Remote

Well, the answer depends on the market factors. The way things are in the country can cause the official price of DSTV remote to skyrocket beyond your imagination. You could also check Jumia Nigeria to compare prices. These two are the trusted online stores you can buy remote for your DSTV decoder.

Before I end this post, you could also try the Dstv universal remote which can work for some decoders. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Wednesday, April 15, Forgot your password?

Get help. Nigerian Infopedia. Top 10 Major Popular Rocks in Nigeria. Who is the First Citizen in Nigeria? See Answer. Career Opportunities For Lawyers in Nigeria Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Nigerian Infopedia is Nigeria's authoritative top quality information website that provides resourceful information about her culture, people and things associated with Nigerians.Enter your comment My Dstv remote is working as it show some inflared lights when point on my phone camera, but the problem is, it does not respond to My Zappa Dstv derorder what can i do now???

Hello Justine, please try restarting your decorder. I've go a few questions: When did the problem start? When last did you get a decoder software update? What kind of TV are you using? Hi there I cannot get a white light using smart phone. Does this mean a new decoder remote now?? It was working 1 minute then jammed the next and no buttons on remote would work. Okay that means the remote is not working.

You could try to fix it by following the instructions in the article. If you can't then you'll need to buy a new one. My dstv explora remote stopped working today it doesn't show the green light when pressing buttons tried cleaning it inside still not and using new batteries.

If you have tried to fix it by following the steps in the article but it's still not working, then maybe you need a new DStv remote. I suggest you visit the nearest DStv service center. Changing channels does not work smoothly - brand new decoder and remote newly installed and all updates done. Sometimes it works other times have to press the chanel number several times. Decoder is quite high up on the wall in the bedroom. Any ideas please?.

DSTV suggested rebooting, did not help. Take the remote closer to be sure it's not a line of sight issue. Visit dstv service center so they can fix it. This is not one of the issues. My DSTV remote control is still not functioning after going through the steps above. Well, if you have tried all the suggestions and followed the steps in the article then you need to get a new remote.

Hi Im also having an issue I see the white light using my camera but the decoder doesn't respond. I noticed that the light on the remote face flashes red then green it didn't do this before.

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Hi, you should have included the kind of dstv remote you are using and the decoder. Also you could tell us if there has been any programming set on the remote. But you could try the following suggestions: 1. If red light blinks two times, you are done. Check remote again. If amber light blinks thrice, repeat the process to get three green blinksthen check remote again.

If the above does not work, you may need to replace power supply. Thanks so much for that advice. I was amazed with the smartphone infrared camera theory My dstv remote shows the green light but is not working.Please reload reset your decoder.

It seems your channels were not properly loaded. Please reset your GOtv decoder. Search for it on the iOS app store.

If you find one, no guarantees here Download it. After downloading, you may still need to get an iPhone infrared dongle or IR Blaster before the app can work. IR remote frequencies are from mHz - gHz. According to force. I got a new gotv remote but the decoder still doesn't respond.

What could be the problem? That should be an omission by the app developers. Check Google play Store to see if you can get another GOtv remote application. Please note: this page is for DStv remote control apps.

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Ekemini Robert March 12, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Get Free Email Updates. Popular Posts.DSTV is a leading satellite television service provider no doubt. Truth is they have the largest number of clients among other outlets providing similar services in Africa. Are you one of their subscribers or customers? Have you lost your remote control or it is damaged and you need to replace it? Not to worry; this write-up is put together for one purposed: to direct you on how to get a replacement for your DSTV remote control.

DSTV decoders have different types of remote controls, depending on the type of decoder you are using. While these remote controls may be products of the same company, one remote control may not work on another type of decoder aside its specifically assigned one. Each of these types of decoders does cost differently.

Change in price usually corresponds with how expensive the decoder is. The outlet where you are making your purchase may also determine how much you end up paying for the decoder; some outlets may add extra amount on the official price. The value of the local currency, the naira to the dollar or rand can equally determine how much you end up paying. For example, a weak naira will force the price up, since the remote controls are actually pegged down at their foreign currency value. The prices range between R50 and R Such outlets like Jumia and Konga do have them in their varieties and the prices vary according to the explanation given earlier.

Do not forget that these online outlets do offer home delivery. You should therefore be specific about the type of remote control you want to buy so that the right product can be delivered to you.

While most DSTV remote controls may not work easily across all decoders, there are some remote controls that have universal functions. It is better to go for these ones when making your purchase.

how to use dstv remote

It is better to first test the universal remote control before placing your hard earned money on it. Test with your decoder choice to determine if the remote control is actually functional or not. It is not enough to get a functional remote control for your decoder; the said remote control must also be able to last long. This is why you must be careful about where you make your purchase.

It is better to buy from reliable and long standing outlets so as to avoid stories that touch later on. Your email address will not be published.

How to Use Gotv Controls

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About us Contact us Advertise.Facebook Twitter. This article describes in simple terms the functions of all buttons on the DStv remote control.

Are you having challenges operating your DStv decoder remote control? Maybe you just got a new DStv decoder pack and you are still learning how to use the remote. However, knowing the remote control button functions helps navigate and explore all features on DStv for maximum viewing pleasure. Therefore, I have simplified the functions of all the buttons on the DStv remote control, with pictures for better understanding in this article. However its functions and operations are somehow different.

how to use dstv remote

Consequently, only a good knowledge of the functions of buttons on the remote control would make you enjoy your new satellite pay-TV system. The explanations in this article is to help you know how to do everything - open your channels grid, do all settings, etc.

They include all versions of the Explora decoders and all series of the HD Zappa. They are as follows. Another set of buttons you can find on the DStv HD decoder remote controller are the 4 Arrow buttons or simply called navigational buttons. These buttons helps you move through highlighted menus or scroll to any other available options etc. You might like Show more. Post a Comment. Previous Post Next Post.

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